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Hello, to all sweet members. I am a newcomer in this community and my name is Pretty Doll. I am really excited and happy after joining this community. I recently joined this community and post here for my introduction. By the way, I must say that I am a traveler freak and really like to get information about traveling. Anyhow, the members of this community would like to say welcome to me here?
[Image: da4e41.jpg]
in this board. Good to see you here and love to say that you will have a good time here with accompany. I am glad to know about you are a travelling freak like me. This thing excites me to know how you become a traveller. ANy special reason?
Pretty Doll Its really great to have you here. As like you I am also a newbie here and have recently joined this great forum, so sure that its nice to be here and really great to get the nice stuff from here for sure.
I am really happy both of you say welcome to me in this community in this nice way. LucyHale! You asked me about traveling. I mean to say that how I became a traveler. I am going to share with you my aunt and uncle are also the biggest lover of traveling they developed this traveling craze in me because in starting I explore different kinds of places with both of them.
I am glad after knowing about your views how you be a traveller dude. That's really good you inspired from your aunt family. No doubt this is a great way to have a luxurious time in free time and will be able to get memories. So share with me which attractions you like to explore?

So eager for bus tours from nyc to niagara falls.
It's really great to read both of your views about the traveling as I also have great interest to explore the beauty of the great places. The US is best and my most favorite spot the on the globe for traveling. I just really wanna know from you all gusy what kind of places that you all really want to explore and which is your most favorite attraction to explore, as my favorite place is Niagara falls in NYC.
LucyHale! I always try to explore nature and adventures kinds of attractions for exploring. Which kinds of places you like for traveling?
Halle! I am going to say that what a coincidence you also like the USA like me. The USA is the best region around the world for exploring various kinds of places especially New York is the best to the state of the USA for exploring. I really like it, in fact, this state is my favorite state in the USA.
Doll, after reading your post I can say that you have a great information about US and also have a fun time there. This thing excites me to know from you which attractions of this USA you like to explore always and where you wanna have fun always there? Don't forget to drop here.
Pretty Doll! I would like to say that I am also a new member here like you and joined this forum a few hours ago. It is really very good to see that you also an active member of this community. Being a member o this board I love to say you warmly welcome here on this forum and quite sure that you will have a good time at there with all of us.
LucyHale!! I would like to say that in the USA there are lots of attractions which are my favorite and I wanna explore those attractions again and again in my life. Let me share with you those attractions names here.
Niagara fall
Boston Common
Yellowstone National park
Central Park
Golden Gate Bridge
Bryce Canyon National Park
Magic Kingdom

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