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Hi Folks!
Hi, Folks! I am Halle from NYC. I just have joined this great forum and thsi is my first post here. I just really happy after to be the part of this and so sure that will have a nice time here.
Halle good to see your newcomer post here. I am really happy for that and will like to say that is sure you will enjoy a good time here. I am willing to know what will you like to say about NY? Anything useful share with us. I am curious to read.
LucyHale! It's really great to have your welcome post here. I am so much happy to see this. Lucy, as you wanna know about the NY, so it seems that you are traveling lover as have seen lots of great post about various places from your side.
[Image: 2012-bottom-collage.png]
I just so much love the beauty of the NYC as thsi is the home to many and the most gorgeous attractions. I just really love the broken bridge and the Niagara falls beauty. Time square is best to enjoy the night views and the state of liberty is also a nice fun option to explore.
Halle! First of all, I would like to say welcome to you in this community. I am happy after see you here. By the way, it is great you belong from NY which is the plenty home of alluring attractions. I am a traveler and really like this state for traveling because in this state we can explore all kinds of places.
I completely agree with you Doll, and love to say that Halle! have shared really great images of NY with all of us. I have seen this and after vacation packages to los angeles have a plan to go there after this once again with mates for fun. So let me know what both of you like to recommend me?
It will be really great to have fun there as have also a nice time while the boston to niagara falls bus tours and enjoyed a lot.MUst suggest you must explore the Niagara falls, time square, and the city sightseeing tours as well. These will be sure makes your travel more fabulous.
Let me share with all of you some images of New York from my collection. io must say that I have captured these views there during my various tours.
[Image: new_york_city.jpg]
[Image: New-York-1.jpg]
[Image: new_york_at_night_500x266.jpg]
wow,,,, Pretty Doll,

It's just really amazing shot that you have shared here. I love these all night captured show which shows the best beauty of the NYC. These all shots are just really great.
Its nice to me if you let me know the places that you will like to explore out in NYC in winter?

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