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Newbie here
Hi, Guys, I am a new member of this board and I have joined this forum a few hours ago. I am Lucy from the USA and I am very happy after getting an active membership here. I read there some stuff and after that decided to make a member of this board. Anyway anyone likes to say me welcome here?
Hi Lucy welcome and feeling glad to see you here. I am also LUchale from Canada. I am so sure you will have a great time here like other members enjoyed their stay here. Anyway, do let me know something about your interest with all of us. I am pondering to know from you.

Do you know about bus tours from nyc to niagara falls?
Lucy! It's just really great to have you here. I would really love to say you warmly welcome to this great forum. so sure that its prove really nice to her to be the part of this great forum for sure.
I just wanna know about the best things that you love to enjoy in your free time?

bus tours to boston will be best to trying out for fun.
Lucky! I would like to say welcome here in this forum being a member of this community. I am really happy after see you here. I am full of the hope you will spend a time in this community and also get nice kind of stuff. anyhow, would you like to share about your interest here?
Well, buddies, I love to say thanks to you all who loved to say me welcome here and also has shared your nice and interesting views here with me. Buddies you want to know about me so let me tell you that I am a traveler and love to explore new places around the world to see the beauty of the world in my free time.
Hello, Lucy, It is nice to know that you are a new member of the board. My name is JoJo and I am also a newbie here. Being a member of the board, I am going to say you welcome here. I am hopeful that you will have a good time here So, stay in touch and enjoy the participation.
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Lucy, Welcome here as a member of this board and hopefully will be a great way to have some time to be a member of this board. Its great to know you also a travel lover. Happy to tell you it's our mutual interest and hope talking on this topic will remain a great time for both of us.
Cann_jack, It is nice to know that you liked to say welcome to Lucy on this community. I am hopeful that it will be a good time for her and she will make sharing about her favorite hobby which is travel. I am hopeful that going to see enough informative conversation about Travel in future.
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