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New York dinning places
Russ & Daughters Cafe
Mastro's Steakhouse
Russ & Daughters
All of these places are for dining in New York. I wanna say that of anyone want to enjoy dining with their family, friends, and love then must select one place form these places. I am sure all of you must like it.
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This is something really fascinating for me to know about the NY dining places before going to make move toward this place. However, dude Russ & Daughters Cafe seems so much grabbing for me and sounds really cool. that's why wanna know the description of this hotel.

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It is my goodness you like my shared dinning places names. Anyhow, you said that you want to know about the dude Russ & Daughters Cafe. I am going to say that it is the best place for enjoying dining in New York. Mon-Fri: 10am-10pm and Sat-Sun: 8am-10pm these are the opening timing of this hotel. You also can enjoy the best food at this place with kids. I am sure when you go there you must like it.
Well, dude will like to say that you have shared really nice stuff about this hotel with all of us. I am glad after getting this and will like to see some images of this from you. Would you like to share with all of us? I am waiting for your next reply.
Pretty Doll, I am going to say that it is really a nice sharing from your side about the dining places in the NYC. NYC is my most favorite cit and I have been there many of the times. I have enjoyed dining almost on all of these mentioned place and had a good time at each one.
[Image: babcb1d96aa8d9a747cf7decd8e4cee7.gif]
Have a plan to see new York so notes all these dining options to make my travel time more exciting for me. Hope to go for Russ & Daughters Cafe and go for Jean-Georges will remain a great idea for me. I will spend new year night in New York so would love to read your opinion about these hotels which offers a discount deal on the special eve?
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