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Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island is such a fascinating place in Canda. This is a really great place to go and having sun sort time. Here I am going to share it's those places which I have explored before this bar harbor bus tour from new york
Butchart Gardens  
Beacon Hill Park  
MacMillan Provincial Park  
Victoria Bug Zoo  
Strathcona Provincial Park  
Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park  
What will you like to say guys about all of them?
I have also make a plan to explore Canada and Vancouver Island is the top of my bucket list and now I love to say that you have shared very amazing and interesting stuff with all of us. I have noted its attractions names in my cart and will explore them while my tour. I am quite sure that it will be the best time for me.
Vancouver Island sounds to me a cool place and all of these names make me curious to go ahead for it. Would love to go for it soon to have some time and see Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park and other parks as well. Hope spending time there will be a great experience for me.
Luch Hale, I am going to appreciate your effort for sharing really a great and useful stuff with all of us about the Vancouver Island. I liked all of these names and these are looking truly amazing places for the nature lovers to have fun. I have noted these names on my notebook and will love to take a tour of there after my Travel deals from washington DC
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