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Hi there

Thanks for applying to our network. How are you doing today?

[Image: sosweet2.png]

This is not for everyone. We just have to know a little more about you before we get started ok ?

[Image: aw.jpg]

Gn'B World Partners Vancouver B.C  '"The key to success; Dream It, Believe It, Then Achieve It!
Always stay positive ."
[Image: piceng1.png]
Rare Golden lifetime opportunity. We only need 50 partners. Offer expires in a few days
Find out if you qualify to become a Gn'B World CEO. Please answer all the questions below.
{We are not looking for just anybody to become a partner . You have to meet a particular criteria.}
  • What country are you from and what do you do for a living ?
  • Do you have access to the internet via smart phone or computer ?.
  • How often are you able to check your email
  •  Have you ever owned your own business before ?
  • Are you looking for a job, or are you looking to earn $750 to $2500 per week on autopilot ?
  • Do you believe in paying for effective advertising ?
  • If we gave you $5,000 right now to take a vacation , where would you go and why ?
  • Are you willing to make a one time donation of US$60 towards the promotion and setup of your own online company?
  • If you made $10,000 this month after advertising, how much would you be willing to spend on advertising next month?
  • If you ran a posting company that makes over $700 a day, would you hire more people or would you try to do all the work for yourself ?
  • How far are you willing to go to own your own profitably happy dream business online ?
    What do you think is the true purpose of life?
  • What's your dream in life  

Get paid for knowledge. Give free business advice earn $150 to $400 per day easy as pie. Milk 100 big cities.

[Image: fly.jpg]

Partner with TripAdvisor Group, Power Ball News, Toronto Travel, Mercedes-AMG & More . Become  a Big City Boss World CEO. Milk 100 Cities on autopilot .  Easy fast extra cash online easy as pie.

Lucrative International Travel Business Opportunities & Real Estate Joint Ventures 

[Image: hw2.png]
               ~ End of questionnaire ~

[Image: famous-logos.jpg]

Gigs N' Bourbon
Pacific Boulevard, Yaletown
1263 Pacific Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6B 5Z5

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